About Us

ConsuSexo.com is an organization that originated from a dream to help couples improve their sex life. Since the year 2000, we embarked on a journey that became our mission to bring down myths that surround human sexuality. Since sexual satisfaction is important for wellbeing, consusexo.com works to offer orientation and motivation to millions of couples around the world enhancing their intimacy and sexuality. Year after year, we work on strengthening the pillars that give meaning to our mission: educate, motivate and offer alternatives.

Sexual education is the most important aspect we promote at ConsueSexo.com. On our web page, we strive to provide information that is clear and professional, with the goal of diminishing myths, taboos, and false concepts towards the sexual function. Through educational seminars, we have reached millions to implement new dimensions in their erotic experience allowing them to enjoy a plentiful and fulfilling sex life.

Motivating towards change and improvement is our second pillar at ConsuSexo.com.

Cognizant that routines and monotony are the biggest enemies of the sex life of couples today, our site aims at motivating men and women to amplify their concept of sexual pleasure and help incorporate new experiences that are pleasurable, and gratifying.  At ConsuSexo.com, we believe that age should not impact or be a barrier to enjoy a fulfilling sex life. Every stage of life can be enjoyed to the maximum, and a satisfying sex life is a core aspect in this process.

In order to achieve the prior pillars is necessary to offer alternatives. Therefore, at ConsuSexo.com publishes articles, offer educational material, videos on diverse topics and sex toys that allow for mutual stimulation of couples. Through sensorial stimulation is possible to achieve intense, intimate, and satisfying levels of sexual pleasure.  We supply videos, and books of excellent quality written by sexologist and psychologist with vast experience in the world of sexuality.  These materials are not pornographic in nature. Instead, they possess an educational focus. With the intention to stimulate, give ideas, share possibilities, and real experiences surrounding sex life, real couples share their experiences and motivate us to live a more plentiful and abundant sex life.

In collaboration with passionate educational sexologist we are committed to the challenge of help today’s couples fortify their intimacy. Without a doubt, this effort will impact all aspects of your life.